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Welcome to Beer Country. We're glad you're here.

Oregon Beer Country is the only site exclusively dedicated to the riches of Oregon's Beer Bounty. Whether you're a Native Oregonian, a vacationer, visitor, or possible emigrant, we've got something for you. So relax; grab a beer, and explore.

Welcome to Oregon Beer Country. We're glad you're here.

What is Oregon Beer Country? Oregon Beer Country is a website specifically tailored to the exploration and promotion of beer tourism in the state of Oregon. Dedicated to consumers and beer travelers, Oregon Beer Country aims to share the best of what makes our state a mecca for beer lovers the world over; a fantastic selection of delicious beers and a great community to share those tasty pints. Whether you're planning a craft brewery tour, a bachelor/bachelorette party, a family vacation, looking for the closest breweries as you explore, or just want to keep up on the latest events and news in the Oregon Craft Beer Community, you've found the right place. 

How did this site come about? in Late 2011, Emily had an epiphany - that somewhere in Oregon there should be a website dedicated to beer tourism. She looked and looked, finding many wonderful websites about tourism, and many about beer - but none specifically for beer tourism. After several months of wandering around the house muttering about the lack of one main resource, she decided to make it happen. Thus, with the help of theShamptons, Oregon Beer Country was born. 

Who are the people behind Oregon Beer Country? For now, Emily,Shana & Shawn create and design the content and looks of Oregon Beer Country. Three friends who went out on a limb to create something new that they love and believe in, our extended family of beer lovers includes the #pdxbeergeeks, as well as a soft spot for our favorite brewersbeer entrepreneurs, writers,photographers, local personalities, educators, and more.

Do you ever allow advertisement or sponsors on your page? Yes, we do - while we will promote those out in the beery world doing good without provocation, we are also open to industry sponsors or ad partners. Email emily@oregonbeercountry.org for current rates and options. 

Do you ever have guest bloggers or photographers on your site?We love great ideas. Interested in participating as a guest writer or photographer? Drop us a line

What's your favorite beer? There are a couple of flippant answers we could give; The one in our hand... A free beer... but those don't adequately convey the love for Oregon's beers. Running the gamut from smoky rauchbier to espresso stout, effervescent pales to astringent and pithy IPAs, there are simply too many to list. Take a look around - we're certain you'll find your next favorite beer in Oregon. 

Do you have a mascot? Not yet. Although Emily has a couple dogs, five chickens, and a pet praying mantis, and the Shamptons have a dog named Monkey. Let us know if you have any great ideas for who our mascot should be. 

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